Welcome to Hong Kong and our ATM’s. You’re welcome to buy, here is some information to take into account based of Frequently Asked Questions we get.

What currencies does your ATM accept?
The ATM’s accept HKD 500 and 1,000 notes. No USD, credit cards or other payments.

How much can I buy per day?
The maximum buy amount per transaction is HKD30,000 (30×1,000), multiple transactions per day is possible.
Keep in mind the waiting people, give them a chance to buy too.

What cost a BTC on your ATM?
We only show live rate on the machine, it would have changed anyway by the time you arrive.

How do you calculate your rate?
In the FAQ is our rate calculation. There are a few Hong Kong based exchanges; ANX Pro, Gatecoin, etc.

When will transactions be confirmed?
That depends on the memory pool, normally somewhere between instant and a couple of hours.

Can I send directly to an exchange wallet?
Please don’t do that. Exchanges aren’t the same as personal wallets. Always use a personal wallet in between. We prefer blockchain.info wallet.

Some other things to keep in mind:
We don’t allow person to person (P2P) in and in front of our shop. It’s not safe for you and our other clients.

If the machine is unresponsive, don’t force notes into it, it’s probably full, out of coins or back end/maintenance issues. Come back the next day.

On that note, due to the popularity of Bitcoins, it’s impossible to predict how much we are going to sell. So yes, we sometimes run out of coins to sell. Especially over the weekend when there’s less support staff available, and many tourist traders come and buy in big volume. We apologize for the inconvenience.