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Bitcoin Robot

We are proud to present the world’s first Bitcoin Robot! The robot has 18 moving joints allowing him to do things like dancing and KungFu. When you send Bitcoin to our robot, a Raspberry Pi computer pickups your Bitcoin payment almost immediately which will then tells the robot to dance. Send Bitcoin to the address below now. Then sit back and enjoy!

Send Bitcoin to initiate robot sequence. Bitcoin Address = 15YugdBKcyDyWLYucxGfvqk6i55bWbPQQb


( If you are unable to watch live stream, please download VLC  (PC here) then install. To check if VLC is install on chrome type on browser “chrome://plugins” . On firefox type on browser “about:addons” )
Mac & Smartphone users please bear with us while we develop the codes. You can look at the old website. However the audio is slow. Or launch VLC manually on your Mac, open network then type “rtsp://”

Price List

Happy Birthday Dance – Send your friend a Bitcoin Robot Birthday dance now !
0.005 BTC (2.2 USD), 2 minutes, music

Robot Dancing – Feeling bored ? Why not watch robot dancing now!
Price = 0.003 BTC (1.3 USD), 2 minutes, music

Robot Gun Fire – Watch the robot shoot a pistol in full auto !
0.0015 BTC (75 US cents), 30 seconds, music & sound effects

Robot Mini SideKick –  Never seen a Bitcoin robot doing SideKick ? Watch it now !
0.0012 BTC (55 US cents), 15 seconds

Robot Chest Beating – Just want to see a Bitcoin robot do something ?
0.001 BTC (45 US cents), 15 seconds