1. Press I want Cash
2. ATM select HKD Amount, for example $2,500, choose 1x $500 & 2x $1000.
3. ATM select Send
4. Wallet App scan ATM qr code
5. Wallet App select ‘Priority fee’ (Do not change BTC or HKD amount on Wallet app)
6. Wallet App send
7. Pick up cash immediately

If you do not select ‘Priority fee‘ or it takes more than 90 secs for the machine to receive your Bitcoin, then you need to enter your Hong Kong mobile number for sms. You then can leave the machine and come back later after receiving SMS.
*Wallet App = Blockchain app

Minimum selling amount is HKD 500 (keep in mind the miner fee)

Contact us on Facebook messenger or send us an email in case something goes wrong or if you have questions.

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