Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Report problem

If there is a problem with your transactions you must report it within 2 days. After this time we will automatically liquidate your position. This is due to high price volatility of crypto currency. Refunds will only be the original amount and currency you put into the machine or amount adjusted after price movement.


Never use Bitcoin address that do not belong to you to buy Bitcoin. Always use your own Bitcoin wallet app address.

If someone or a company promise a very high % earning per month then it is likely to be a Ponzi Scheme. HKBITCOINATM do not accept any transactions or refunds from anyone related to MM Global or other similar scheme.

Do no send Bitcoin to people you never met in person to buy Asia Miles or plane tickets or girl scams.

Do not use HKBITCOINATM for any transactions related to fraud or illegal activities.

Do not solicitate P2P business in our ATM shops.

HKBITCOINATM will not be responsible for any loss should you should you fall victim to any fraud.

By using our ATMs you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of our ATMs.


Our ATM systems are accurate to record the amount of money insert or dispense from the machine. If the ATM screen shows that money is dispensed then it is up to the client’s responsibility to collect the money. We will not take responsibility if a client fails to pickup his/her money. Similarly if the ATM screen shows that money is successfully dispensed then we trust that the amount is correct. If there is a dispute then our company shall have the final say.