With the increase in crime in Hong Kong, please be extra vigilant trading Bitcoin with cash.
Since our ATMs are indoor and nobody knows how much money you are carrying it is generally safe. Don’t tell anyone that you are buying Bitcoin. Beware if anyone is around you when buying or selling at our Bitcoin ATM. Don’t flash your money in the street.
1. Choose an ATM in a safe location
2. Use an ATM in the morning. This minize the likehood of being robbed, because chances are better that there will be plenty of people around.
3. Bring a friend to the ATM. Robbers usually prefer to target isolated individuals, as opposed to groups of two or more.
4. Watch for any suspicious activity around you at an ATM. Keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary, and trust your instincts. If something feels off, assume a problem and go elsewhere.
(Source from Wikihow)
Be extra careful with Bitcoin P2P trades. Your counterparty know exactly where and when you will carry large amount of money and can easily rob you. Don’t respond to strangers who offer to trade Bitcoin with you at very a favorable price.
由於本店自動櫃員機是室內,店外的人不會看到您攜帶多少現金來交易,所以比較安全。請不要透露任何人您正在購買比特幣。當您在自動櫃員機上買賣時,請留意身邊是否有人,交易後把現金收好, 錢不可在街上露眼。